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Monetizing your Contents with the Ad format of the Future and Increase your Ad Revenue by 2X Today!

Whats Custch Native Recommendation? CNR is type of Campaign Format that is deliver to your Audience like a native web Article or Story. It look more like normal web recommendations like Related News/Blog Post,In Our Shop etc.Due to its Native Nature,we observed that CNR generate more Reaction & Conversion from Prospects than any Old Type of Ad Format thereby increasing Publishers' Ad Revenue.

Flexible Application

Due to our application flexibity we've recorded a very acceptance ratio.

Responsive Campaign

All our Campaign format a mobile first so our Campaign responsiveness is ensured.

Low Payout

We have one the lowest payout threshold in the industry which is USD10 and also a wide range of payout option and you can also request for withdrawal at anytime!.


Want More Than CNR?

We've got a wide range of Ad format for you and your business, we have:

Banner Campaign

Banner Campaign let you promote your products or services with a digital image.

Text Campaign

which let you advertise your business/products online with only Text.

Keywords Format

This format is like the CNR but without banner only keywords.

Why Choose Us

We offer our partners unique campaign format and we are proudly the first Africa's Article Focus Advertising Network.

Interest Targeting

With Interest Targeting,Your campaign is shown only to Audience who are likely to React to your Campaign. This is possible with our inteligent Algorithm

Country Targeting

Our Targeting facilities includes Country targeting which let you choose audience who can see your campaign by country.

Device Targeting

This let you target your audience by type of device they are using to surf the internet.option includes mobile ,desktop

Platform Targeting

This let you target your audience by type of platform or OS their device is made of.option includes android ,ios,windows etc.

Browser Targeing

This let you target your audience by type of Browser they are using to surf the internet. .option includes chrome ,safari,opera etc.

Keyword Targeting

This let you target your audience by presence of certain keywords on the site or blog they using.

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